Excerpted from tastingtable.com.

While some people find themselves reaching for non-alcoholic options as a result of a lifestyle change, there are plenty who simply don’t like alcohol. Whether the collateral effects or the taste of ethanol don’t sit well with you, there’s no reason why you should be stuck sipping soda or juice.

Thankfully, times are changing as evidenced by over $11 billion in sales in the low- and no-alcohol market in 2022, according to The ISWR drinks market analysis. The beverage industry is placing increasing effort into developing suitable alternatives for customers who don’t drink booze, and it’s paying off. Whereas dealcoholized wines were once homogenously sweet and lacking nuance, consumer interest has resulted in improved products.

Dealcoholized wine is made the same way as the boozy stuff but goes through additional steps to remove the alcohol. This is different from a grape beverage that never contained alcohol, and usually guarantees a higher quality product that retains most of the characteristics of the original. Using premium fruit and viticultural practices means that the price tag can often approach the cost of wine with alcohol. (Consider it a fee to guarantee zero hangovers.) We’ve compiled a list of the top dealcoholized wines on the market to help you find the best options available to you.

French Bloom – Le Blanc

If you’re still on the fence regarding the taste and mouthfeel of dealcoholized wines, bubbles are a solid bet. The viscosity of alcohol may not be obvious when you’re tasting standard wine, but it can feel lacking when it’s gone. Sparkling wine offers a notable texture on the palate, which make you forget you’re sipping on alcohol-free wine.

French Bloom is the result of a cross-Atlantic collaboration between two friends who sought to produce an alcohol-free wine with all of the balance and flavor of the real deal. A lengthy research period paved the way for Le Blanc, a sparkling wine made with organic chardonnay grapes. To round out the taste, organic grape juice, sparkling spring water, and natural lemon flavor are also added to the product. The result is as fresh as it gets, with notes of pear, crunchy green apples, tropical fruits, and citrus on the palate. Mineral notes round out this crisp wine, and hints of white flowers keep it light and aromatic.

While some dealcoholized wines retain minute quantities of alcohol, the technology French Bloom uses guarantees none at all. If you’re equally conscious of finding vegan alternatives with no added sugar, sulfites, or preservatives, this sparkling chardonnay fits the bill too. Serve it as an aperitif with light snacks as you raise a glass to this winning bottle and zero hangovers in sight.

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