A Strategic Approach

Blue Equity acquires majority stakes in companies or investment opportunities where a definitive, core strategy and superior execution will result in risk adjusted investment returns. Our approach consists of a unique combination of infusing capital, utilizing strategic relationships, and working directly with existing management. This methodology allows Blue Equity to deploy resources that dramatically increase revenue, cash flow and growth.


Blue Equity brings upward, post-acquisition value creation through initiatives which identify and execute formal roll-up strategies and horizontal/vertical integrations.

  • Devising and implementing strategic plans, business plans, and formal budgeting processes.
  • Overhauling and modernizing sales, marketing, recruitment, training and management functions.
  • Elevating technological and communication standards.
  • Providing equity to management and utilizing heavily incentivized compensation plans.
  • Leveraging our partnerships with recruiters, lenders, strategic partners, key contacts, accounting resources, and legal representation to maximize revenues and growth.
  • Identifying potential exit strategies, when appropriate.


  • Usually a majority stake/controlling interest.
  • An experienced management team that seeks to grow; or contingent upon specific factors, situations where the owner/operator seeks to retire, exit, or take equity out of the company.
  • Potential scalability through organic growth, acquisitions or horizontal/vertical integration.
  • Historically strong cash flow or demonstrated revenue build-up with potential to grow substantially.
  • Strong positioning in the market or potential to become a leader in the market.
  • Potential to realize significant efficiency gains from our unparalleled back office, accounting and legal support.

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Blue Equity seeks investment opportunities all over the world that range from $100,000 – $50,000,000+ in virtually every area, from idea phase, start up, angel, mature business cycle, or divestment of large, public entities.

  • Purchase
  • Equity Infusion
  • Recapitalization
  • Debt to Equity Conversion
  • Partnership or Joint Venture

Blue Equity strongly prefers operating control in its investments in order to most effectively implement its growth strategies.

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The Blue Equity Investment Process