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After enabling retailers to manage 700% growth in online sales during the Covid19 pandemic, City Hive prepared businesses with tools to maneuver phased re-entry protocols.

NEW YORK, May 26, 2020 – City Hive (www.cityhive.net), an omni-channel digital commerce and data platform used by more than 1,500 beverage alcohol retailers in over 500 cities across the U.S., reports off-premise online sales growth of 700% and in-store sales growth of 36% between March 15 and May 15.

The dramatic shift to online ordering during the Covid19 pandemic called for immediate changes to business processes – particularly increasing demand for curbside pickup, which accounted for 86% of non-delivery orders on City Hive-powered websites and apps during the pandemic lockdown.

Stores using City Hive’s platform before the Covid19 pandemic were already doing significant business coming into this crisis and were significantly better prepared to accommodate change. As a result, retailers with City Hive websites and apps already in place experienced overall sales growth 7.5x higher than stores which launched online ordering during the pandemic. As retailers begin to navigate phased restrictions of re-entry and prepare for periodic returns to lockdown, technology and training play a critical role in adapting to the ever-changing “new normal.”

In addition to e-commerce capabilities, City Hive provides businesses with the tools they need to scale and grow their operations overall, combining product inventory management, CRM, marketing, data analytics and order fulfillment tools into one cohesive platform.

City Hive CEO, Roi Kliper, explains, “Covid19 forced many businesses to quickly develop online ordering capabilities at a time when both time and money were in short supply. As you can imagine, demand for our technology increased significantly over the past two months. My team worked around the clock to deliver retailers the online ordering tools they need right now. We can set up retailers with omni-channel digital commerce in as little as 24 hours, with no upfront costs.”

Gary Fisch, CEO and Founder of Gary’s Wine & Marketplace, added, “In the past two months, we had more than 20,000 mobile app downloads, and we are now managing 200+ deliveries per day. With a technology partner like City Hive, we feel well-equipped to handle any changes that occur in the industry, now and for years to come.”

Another customer, Edward H. Harrison III, Director of Liquor Barn & Party Mart in Kentucky, added, “City Hive’s technology has allowed Liquor Barn & Party Mart to rapidly adapt to the changing regulatory landscape, as well as to accommodate the needs of our customers by providing a variety of digital shopping solutions – curbside, pickup and home delivery – all of which allow for contactless transfer of the products from the stores to the customer.”

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