Excerpted from MensJournal.com.

Even the fiercest wine drinker you know finds a time where they aren’t drinking alcohol. Whether with Tuesday night dinner, in between glasses of wine, or simply because you’re currently cutting back—there’s a place for a great non-alcoholic option in your drinking plans. The rise of popularity in the non-alc space is no joke—the category is catching escape velocity with inspiring founders bringing to market new and delicious products on a weekly basis. Here are my picks for the best Non-Alcholic Gift S to give as gifts in 2023:

Just in time for the gifting season, the Baby Bloom Sparkling Box includes half-bottles (375ml) of Le Blanc and Le Rosé in a personalizable box. Perfect for first time consumers who want to try both French Bloom cuvées prior to committing to a full size bottle, the Baby Bloom Sparkling Box ($59) will be available for purchase on FrenchBloom.com.

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