Excerpted from lofficielarabia.com.

It’s always such a positive approach in a fairer society for us all to coexist. But did you know that a lot of brands out there celebrates women and own by powerful woman that voice out and inspires by creating these gorgeous brands.

Though we should do it every day, the special day to celebrate women is here once again. With this, we have compiled our top picks owned by inspiring women who voice out and inspire through their creations.


Founded by Maggie Frerejean-Taittinger and Constance Jablonski, two trailblazing women, French Bloom is all about empowerment and inclusion as it raises a toast to celebrate International Women’s Day.

Born out of the idea that celebrations should elevate social gatherings and make everyone feel included, this Women’s Day calls for a toast to all women, highlighting their contribution, success, and innovation to the world. Perfect for intimate gatherings with your gal pals or a magical soiree surrounded by women who inspired you, French Bloom is here to celebrate along with you!

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