Arnaud Lagardère has held a press conference about the business of sports after the acquisition of the American-based sports and entertainment agency Best. The CEO of Lagardère has announced the creation of a new division called Lagardère Unlimited, which is set to replace Lagardère Sports.

With the purchasing of Best, Lagardère Unlimited establishes itself as a key player in the business of sports. Already covering six universes (representation of prominent artists and athletes, management of sports academies, events planning and logistics, management of medias, marketing and consulting), Lagardère Unlimited aims to become the worldwide leader in the sports business.

“With Lagardère Unlimited, we will gain in efficiency and clarity in order to achieve our main goal on the sports market: become the worlwide leader within five years”, said Arnaud Lagardère. In order to impulse a new dynamic, Arnaud Lagardère will be personally involved, being temporarily in charge of Lagardère Unlimited. He also appointed Olivier Guiguet and Kevin O’Connor as Chief Operating Officer. Sportfive, Best, World Sports Group, IEC in Sports are Lagardère Unlimited’s brands.


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