Excerpted from SignatureBlock.co.

Highlighting the venture industry’s newest fund managers as nominated by their LPs and founders they’ve backed.

Investors, meet your co-investors.

Founders, meet your new partners…

Stephan Cizmar & Nick Wijnberg

Lorimer Ventures

Lorimer Ventures is an operator-led pre-seed to series A investment firm. The fund’s partnership is made up of experienced builders, founders, operators, and investors. They have hands-on experience building companies from idea to IPO.

Investor In: Circuit Mind, Nibble Health, and Oatfi

“Instead of speaking in hyperbole, I’ll just tell you what Lorimer has actually done for us since investing. They’ve made countless, high quality candidate introductions for jobs we’ve posted, introduced us to core vendors who we love, facilitated real customer conversations, and have come to the table with specific ideas for how to improve our core product and business model. Finding VCs + operators who contribute with this frequency, and at this level, is really hard – Lorimer’s impact extends as far as, if not farther than, any fund with whom we’ve partnered.” — Steven Greene (Co-Founder, Nibble Health)

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