Excerpted from Owensborotimes.com.

Cheetah Clean Auto Wash traces its origins back to 2007 when the Chairman and CEO of the company, Jeff Fields, opened the first location on Ralph Avenue, just off KY 54. After 16 years of exponential growth, the auto wash will boast a second Owensboro location on south Frederica Street, making eight locations overall. 

The full-service auto wash operates under the mantra of the speed of services. The company had years of detailing experience, washing millions of vehicles, before deciding to open the “fastest car wash in land.”

The company designs, builds, and installs all of its car wash equipment. 

“We have found that knowing the design process and equipment from the inside out as we do ensures we’re delivering the highest quality car wash to our customers,” said marketing and communications director Jenn Drummond. “We are students of the business, always looking at new ways to perform to a higher standard and provide an outstanding experience for our customers.”

Just past this fall, Fields personally gave $25,000 to Cheetah Clean associates to combat recent increases in cost-of-living and to alleviate the stress associated with inflation. Fields and company said Cheetah Clean has been fortunate to have many loyal customers, and they are proud to extend that generosity to their employees who make the magic happen. 

“Our associates are taken care of well beyond the industry averages,” Fields said. “With inflation hitting an all-time high, it’s only right I give our associates some relief. We will continue to do whatever we can for the wellbeing of our teammates.”

Fields’ level of care for his team is often replicated by the crew, offering unparalleled service to everyone that enters the wash. A recent testimonial on Cheetah Clean’s website details an instance where a team member extended a helping hand to an elderly couple at one of their locations. 

Drummond said this is just one of many examples of how their team constantly goes above and beyond the call to service. 

“We take pride in focusing on and educating our teams, empowering them to show up as the best version of themselves every day,” she said. “After all, only the best teams can run the best washes – and we are here to give you the best car wash experience humanly possible.”

Cheetah Clean features several wash options, including monthly packages to get your vehicle in tip-top shape. After speeding through the automatic wash, clients have complimentary access to vacuums, a floor mat cleaner, interior spray and cloths, air fresheners, and tire shine. 

To learn more about Cheetah Clean and its many services, visit cheetahclean.com.

“We are incredibly proud of our Owensboro Cheetah Clean team and honored to be featured as the Chamber Member of the Week,” Drummond said. “We’re also grateful to our thousands of members and customers in the greater Owensboro community.”

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