Excerpted from MensJournal.com.

Maggie Frerejean-Taittinger and Constance Jablonski co-founded French Bloom just under a year ago. Since then, the brand has spread its wings to over 18 countries! Produced and bottled in the Southwest of France, both of their cuvées are organic and vegan certified, contain no sulfites or conservatives, and are low calorie with no added sugars.They are also produced Halal-certified and pregnant friendly! French Bloom aims to show that celebration can be both inviting and limitless.

Longtime friends – Maggie, Director of the Michelin Guide, and Constance, pursuing her career as a Top Model, reconnected in Paris in 2019. At that time Maggie was pregnant with twins, and both of them are noticing the lack of delicious non-alcoholic beverage options available to them in social settings. This is how French Bloom was born.

Elected by a panel of experts as the World’s Best Alcohol-Free Sparkling through blind tasting in the renowned 2022 World’s Best Sparkling Awards, French Bloom has established the pedigree to be found at key retailers in New York and LA such as: Boisson, Sechey NYC, Erewhon, The Zero Proof, and The Webster. Their bubbles can also be found at iconic venues such as The Carlyle Hotel and Beverly Hills Hotels, as well as the Ritz-Paris, Annabel’s London, Airelles Hotels, L’Atelier Joel Robuchon and numerous other esteemed establishments internationally. 

With Le Blanc & Le Rosé, French Bloom produces an alcohol-free sparkling for every palate and pairing. Combining minerality and depth, Le Rosé begins with notes of rose petals followed by a well-balanced acidity and delicate flavors of white peach. This organic, non-alcoholic sparkling cuvée will create long-lasting moments of joy and togetherness to everyone around the table. Le Blanc shows mineral freshness, pear aromas and tropical notes are followed by an evolution of Granny Smith apple, lightly spiced citrus fruits and white flowers. Le Blanc is the promise to an unforgettable celebration, truly together.

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