There are some exciting changes taking place at the Shell gas stations islandwide, and much of that is due to Jonathan Blue, chairman of The Antilles Group (TAG), the owner of Shell Jamaica since December 2011. On his recent trip to Jamaica, Blue told The Gleaner that Shell’s success is because of a dedicated and hard-working team.

“Everything is improving, we are upgrading the stations, we are training staff and we held our first dealers summit earlier this year,” he said.

Other factors that have made a difference to Shell Jamaica are:

An improved loyalty programme, better and improved service, and new monitoring systems have been put in place.

Blue is not about to rest on his laurels though. He is determined that the chemicals and lubricants distribution portion under the Shell brand will grow alongside the “best product on the market – V-Power petrol. It sells itself,” Blue said with obvious pride.

As for the number of stations in the island, Blue said they are set to reopen the 54th location that had been closed some time ago.

“We already have the best locations in the island (we were blessed to inherit them), and we are looking at some new ones. We know there is an ongoing recession (now in its fourth year), unemployment is still high, and many economies are experiencing zero growth in an era when all economies are linked, but we have to continue growing,” Blue said.

So as countries like Jamaica continue with finding cheaper fuel, The Gleaner asked Blue to say what he’d use to provide cheaper energy were he running a country that has Jamaica’s high energy bill. He said he would opt for clean-burning coal.

“If money were no object, I would invest in a coal terminal and burn coal for energy; it’s the most cost-efficient and clean energy source.”

Jamaica @ 50

With Jamaica’s 50th year of Independence just weeks away, Blue said Shell is also planning to give back to the country as a way to mark the milestone.

“Our focus will be on children and education. Jamaica is blessed with a good education that, with all its shortcomings, is far ahead of many other countries.” With that in mind, Blue said Shell will be making a significant contribution to children in the Rockfort community where its plant is located and will be doing something for schools and children there.

“Our staff and dealers will be involved in that process; it may not be directly aligned with Jamaica’s 50th anniversary date but it will be during this year,” he added.


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