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The best gifts for men are well established by now: beer or spirits, ties or socks. Easier than buying gifts for women – right? Not necessarily. For a start, it’s unlikely that the best gift for dad is going to be the best gift for your boyfriend. Do gifts for grandads also work for husbands, brothers and sons? It’s trickier than it looks.

That’s where The Telegraph can help. We’ve researched the most popular Christmas presents of 2022 by search volume, social trends and sales. Of course, just because a gift is popular, that doesn’t mean it’ll go down well. Some men’s tastes are more refined. That’s where Telegraph men’s style editor Stephen Doig can help. Stephen’s gift recommendations are straight out of the autumn/winter collections. You’ll find 10 under £50 and five luxury fashion gifts with heftier price tags, at the bottom of this feature.

The Lost Explorer Mezcal

Men are into mezcal all of a sudden. Unlike tequila, which must be made of blue agave, mezcal can be made of any type – wild or cultivated – so there’s a broader range of flavours, from smoky to fruity. That’s why it’s become a connoisseur’s spirit and The Lost Explorer from Oaxaca is one of the best: subtly sweet and herbaceous, with a clutch of gold medals from international competitions. It’s also available in a gift box from Selfridges, or personalised at Inkd.

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