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Vodka is an interesting spirit. For many drinkers who only use it as a mixer or avoid it completely, it’s a flavorless, boring, clear spirit at best. At worst, it’s a harsh, ethanol-flavored liquid that seems like it would better at starting a lawn mower than adding flavor to a cocktail. Regardless of how you personally feel about vodka, you should know that for every awful, bottom-shelf vodka out there, there are numerous underrated, flavorful, well-made vodkas.

Even if you only use it as the base for your favorite cocktail, you still wouldn’t want to buy a harsh, bottom-shelf, plastic-handled bargain vodka. Not only might it have a horrible flavor profile, but it also might leave you with an epic hangover the next day from the lackluster distilling process.

This is where high-quality, underrated vodkas come into play. You don’t need to spend a month’s rent to buy a great, well-made, flavorful bottle of vodka. You do need a little help from the pros though. That’s why we asked a few well-known spirits experts and distillers to tell us the best, underrated vodkas you can buy today. Keep reading to see them all.

E11VEN Vodka

Gabriel Urrutia, USBG member and bartender at Gramps in Miami

ABV: 40%

Average Price: $21.99

Why This Vodka?

E11VEN Vodka is made in Miami, locally sourced, distilled, and bottled in Miami, and is also women-owned using 100% Florida-grown corn. It’s clean, and dry, and works just as well as a light sipper with a few ice cubes (if you enjoy vodka like that) and as the base for a vodka soda or your favorite vodka-based cocktail.

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