Sparkling champagne-style chardonnay goes on sale after four years in the making.

At £109 a pop, this must be the most expensive zero alcohol bubbly ever made.

Legally, it cannot be called champagne but French Bloom La Cuvee 2022 is a sparkling chardonnay made in the same style and backed by the expertise of renowned French winemakers Taittinger.

Billed as the world’s first alcohol-free blanc de blancs vintage sparkling wine – or white wine made from white grapes – it has been four years in the making.

Its creation has been overseen by Rodolphe Frerejean-Taittinger, a descendant of the champagne dynasty and boss of Champagne Frerejean-Freres.

It is the brainchild of his wife Maggie, who was inspired to develop her own brand of non-alcoholic sparkling wine when pregnant with twins in 2019.

While not the first or only alcohol-free bubbly, French Bloom La Cuvee 2022 is the most exclusive with a listing in Harrods as well as the high price tag.

Mrs Frerejean-Taittinger, a former director at the Michelin Guide, launched it to give pregnant women and non-drinkers an option when out or celebrating.

Sommelier Sandia Chang, who chooses champagnes for online retailer Bubbleshop, said: ‘Of all the non-alcoholic ‘wines’ I have tasted, this has been the closest to the real thing. It tastes just like an aged champagne. It was complex, elegant.’

For those without such deep pockets, the business has previously launched award-winning alcohol-free fizzes – a white and a rosé – which are available through Fortnums at £35 a bottle.

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