Excerpted from OprahDaily.com.

While a birthdayanniversarywedding, or holiday is a good time to splurge, when it comes to treating the special lady in your life, no occasion is needed. Whether it’s your mom, sister, wife, or bestie, gift a luxury item to show just how much she means to you. Despite popular belief, luxury doesn’t have to mean super expensive. These gifts are focused on giving her that touch of self-indulgence that we so often forgo. And here’s where our roundup comes in. With a range of present ideas that includes both budget-friendly and lavish, all the gifts featured are products she most likely wouldn’t buy for herself.

If she’s a fashionista, opt to buy her a designer purse or sunglasses. On the other hand, someone more laid-back may appreciate a unique plant or pampering face mask. Beauty lovers will adore products that ensure glowing, healthy skin, and foodies will treasure top-notch kitchenware. Whichever shopping route you choose to embark on, be sure to keep her style and personality in mind. Go the extra mile and write a thoughtful, personalized card, telling her how much you cherish her and why. Don’t underestimate the power of words.

Inspired to shop yet? Ahead are luxury (and timeless) gift ideas she’ll love for many years to come. Consider this your official warning to brace your credit card for impact, because a few of these you may want to buy for yourself, too!


French Bloom Alcohol-Free Sparkling Rose Wine

French Bloom’s alcohol-free sparkling wine feels luxurious and celebratory. For the right person, this beautiful bottle makes for a thoughtful (and delicious!) hostess gift.

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