Boost Logistics LLC

An Amazon DSP (Delivery Service Partner) with premium routes in the South Miami area.

Casa Komos Beverage Group

The creator of ultra-premium Komos Tequila and Superbird, an ultra-premium tequila based ready to drink cocktail.

City Hive

The fastest growing digital transformation company in the retail beer, wine and spirits industry.

E11even Vodka

An ultra-premium highly purified spirit, locally sourced, distilled, & bottled in Miami.


A a consumer goods and food delivery service operating in over 675 US cities through approximately 300 fulfillment centers.

Jet It

A private aviation company that utilizes a hybrid-fractional ownership model based on days, not hours, providing the freedom to use the fleet freely.

Joyful Heart Wine

Founded by beloved American actress Chrissy Metz, Joyful Heart celebrates the union of sharing wine and the spirit of generosity.

Lorimer Ventures

An investment fund comprised of financial professionals with experience building and operating businesses from pre-revenue to post-IPO.

The Lost Explorer Mezcal

A Oaxacan handcrafted spirit consisting of three mezcal varietals using 8-year-old Espadin, 10-year-old Tobala and 12-year-old Salmiana.

NetBallistics, LLC

Sells, distributes, and markets products and services to hunters, sportsmen, law enforcement, government and military agencies.

The Plug Drink

The first plant based recovery drink with a perfect blend of plants, fruits and flowers that your body needs after a night out.


The global leader in water-soluble emulsion technology for infusing functional ingredients into food, beverage, supplement, and personal care products.


An Austin, Texas based consumer goods brand focused on non-alcohol distilled based spirits.


Making the wine and spirits market investable with the first transparent, SEC-qualified trading platform.